Banking fraud is a sophisticated global business. Cyber criminals are organized, coordinated, and highly specialized, thus creating a powerful network that is, in many ways, a significantly more efficient ecosystem than our own banking industry. They continually reinvest their “profits” to advance the technology and methods they use to defeat the layers of security financial institutions (FIs) have put in place.

To effectively combat the cyber criminals FIs must be at their best, learning from those who have demonstrated success. Guardian Analytics fraud analysts collectively have nearly 50 years of experience fighting fraud every day. This white paper presents a range of strategies and techniques they have developed and proven in day-to-day battles with fraudsters.

Read the full whitepaper to explore topics such as:

  • Overall strategies for preventing fraud
  • Specific tactics for detecting fraud while account holders are engaged in online or mobile banking
  • Operational strategies that will help financial institutions to respond quickly and effectively when fraudsters strike
  • Description of anomaly detection as a category of fraud prevention solutions