Guardian Analytics Webinar

Guardian Analytics Webinar:

The Many Faces of Banking Fraud: Emerging Threats and Trends

Guardian Analytics lead fraud investigator, Chris Silveira, discusses recently launched fraud schemes and discuss what financial institutions must do to defend themselves, and their client accounts, from such attacks.

This webinar exposes recent banking fraud schemes, how they work, and how they are able to evade detection by many security tools. It also covers broader themes that emerge after reviewing a wide range of attacks to provide bankers with a more detailed understanding of the depth and breadth of threats launched by today's cyber criminals.

Topics covered include:
• Recent DDoS attacks and how they have been used as smoke screens for fraudulent transactions
Live Chat schemes that were first uncovered by Guardian Analytics fraud analysts and how they employ an FI’s own customer service reps to complete fraudulent transactions
Non-malware attacks that continue to plague financial institutions
Fraudsters’ continued success with compromising devices

The webinar is part of an on-going series of webinars designed to keep financial institutions up to date on the latest fraud threats and trends. Once again it will feature Chris Silveira, Manager, Fraud Intelligence, lead fraud researcher at Guardian Analytics, and former fraud analyst at Silicon Valley Bank.

You will learn about:
Recently uncovered threats and how they’re able to evade detection
Common threads across threats that force bankers to fight a multi-front battle against the fraudsters
The business of cyber crime and how it’s continuing to grow in scale and sophistication
Proven strategies for detecting and preventing these emerging threats

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The Many Faces
of Banking Fraud:
Emerging Threats and Trends

Featured Presenters:

Chris Silveira
Manager, Fraud Intelligence
Guardian Analytics
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Tiffany Riley
VP, Marketing
Guardian Analytics
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