Behavior-based anomaly detection solutions are getting increased recognition for their effectiveness in preventing banking fraud. This is subsequent to the FFIEC Guidance issued in June 2011 specifically calling for banks and credit unions to implement layered security that, at a minimum, must include anomaly detection and improved control over administrative functions.

We developed this Toolkit to provide a primer on what anomaly detection is and how it works to detect  banking fraud, regardless of the scheme in play or how the account was compromised. It also includes real world examples of anomaly detection in action.

The Anomaly Detection Toolkit includes: 

 Anomaly Detection Toolkit

 Anomaly Detection Toolkit

•  A Practical Guide to Anomaly Detection white paper, 2nd Edition – An in-depth look into what anomaly detection is, what it monitors, and how it uses individual online banking behavior to detect fraud attacks (revised December 2013)

•  Anomaly Detection Infographic – A stand-alone graphic that illustrates how anomaly detection solutions detect online fraud and options available to financial institutions for responding to alerts raised by their anomaly detection solution.  

•  Anomaly Detection Video – A short, engaging, animated version of the infographic with a voiceover explaining how anomaly detection works and how institutions can respond.  

•  Anomaly Detection in Action: Examples of Detecting Actual Fraud Attacks – Five examples of specific online attacks using a range of techniques, and how an anomaly detection solution identified each as fraudulent.  

•  Beyond Compliance: Additional Benefits of Using Anomaly Detection to Stop Online Banking Fraud – Anomaly detection solutions will detect fraud attacks that other solutions miss, and will enable financial institutions to conform to the FFIEC Guidance. But the benefits don't stop there.  

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